Production lighting


Take your event to new heights with our intelligent lighting system. Using the best equipment in the business, Team Urban will make your event feel magical. Our system features Pro-grade intelligent lighting with the platinum beams placed on top of the truss towers and the dual Laser Show to take the event to the next level. We make sure to setup within the venue access times and try and work with all budgets the client set. Being well versed in using our system, we also use the intelligent lighting to offer the spotlight effect, wall patterns that add to décor, synchronization of lights with music and much more. Let us know your vision & we will take you there!

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Set ambiance in your hall with our vibrant perimeter décor up lighting. The
up lighting fixtures will be placed strategically throughout the room to create beautiful columns of light beaming up walls of architectural fixtures.
Using Modern LED Lighting & Computer controlled technology we are able to select any shade of any color you may desire, which can be used to paint your venue with light, thus creating the perfect atmosphere.